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Regina Higuera Lopez

( Lid van team: AIESEC NL )

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I believe in the importance of accessible mental health care for everyone. The MIND Foundation is committed to preventing psychological problems and to support people who have to deal with them. At MIND you will find information, inspiration and support. MIND puts mental wellbeing on the political agenda. You can call MIND Korrelatie anonymously if you currently need support yourself: 0900-1450. And through MIND you can get in touch with people with the same experiences as you. During corona the percentage of people who have suffered from unstable mental wellbeing has risen enourmously, unfortunatelly still, not everyone has access to mental health care. Therefore my goal is to raise as much money as possible for MIND, to prevent psychological problems and to support those who suffer from them. Do you support me and MIND? Then share my action with everyone you know. And: Donate! Many thanks for your involvement.

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