Crossing Nederland voor MIND

Alex Hudson-Roberts

Day 1/7

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In June 2024 I will be running across the Netherlands from the most eastern to the most western point. Day 1 will begin in Bad Nieuweschans and Day 7 will finish on the Belgian border-town of Sint Anna ter Muiden.

This big adventure will be an opportunity to raise money for Stichting MIND and the Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds. These two causes hold an important place in my heart and I am glad to be able to support those who fall into these demographics.

I will be fortunate enough to see a huge portion of the country I now call home, and will be able to do so with the help of two dear friends. By bike they will help carry supplies, aid in navigation and keep spirits high when I will be at my lowest.

Completing this great feat won’t provide a profound solution for the terrible things that can come with mental health deficits or with life-changing muscular conditions, but I hope the event will help inspire others to strive for more in life and continue fighting for those in need.

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First Blog - Introduction and NN Egmond Halve Marathon.

09-01-2023 | 14:39 Hi! Firstly, for everyone reading this, thank you for taking the time and I hope I can count on your support for this mighty challenge I have bestowed upon myself.  I can't provide a huge amount of information as to how I came about planning this point-to-point, but the inspiration generally comes from the fact that I have been living in the Netherlands for >5 years and I am happy to call it home as well as having found a new hobby whilst living here - running. I have always been a keen athlete. Typically this was channeled through cycling, rugby, powerlifting, american football and a whole other collection of sports here and there.  I began running when myself and a friend decided to run the Amsterdam marathon in 2020, which was consequently moved to 2021 due to some flu going around, and it is safe to say I was extremely humbled by this event. I completed the 42.2km run around the city in 05:16:27 with a broken body and broken spirit. Miserable experience, but I had caught the bug. Since then I have taken on the 42.2 in Berlin with 50 minutes shaved off my time (04:26:19) and a huge smile on my face, as well as numerous trail events, fun runs and half marathons including the NN Egmond Halve Marathon just yesterday. I started the run with a bustling 7km on the beach into a headwind, but quickly found my pace and continued to speed up every split until the finish line, with a time of 01:56:00. Considering the circumstances, I am incredibly proud of the results I am producing and I cannot wait to put this into practice as the year goes on and I edge closer and closer to the 400km/7day run across the Netherlands. 
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