Fraternity Palto

Fraternity Palto's Rally for Charity
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Donate money for Fraternity Palto's Rally for Charity!

As Fraternity Palto and Best Bottles, we are thrilled to announce our upcoming wine rally for charity! The event takes place on the 14th of March inside the Chapel of the Breda University of Applied Sciences. Last year, we were hit with the devastating loss of one of our members to suicide. Although mental health is often not talked about openly and is a subject that is often fought individually, we realised the importance of coming together and organising an event for people within our generation who struggle with mental health, making this initiative all the more meaningful. Join us in supporting this cause as we build a network that values each person's mental health and well-being.

About MIND:

The MIND movement is for and by everyone who struggles with mental health concerns. Collectively, MIND aims to avert mental health issues and provide assistance to those encountering mental health obstacles. The goal is to create a society where every individual can contribute to the fullest extent possible and receive the necessary healthcare. They also support greater transparency and understanding around mental health issues.

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