Shaving my head for mental health

Anna Baya Meuleman
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I'm shaving off my beautiful curls for this Dutch mental health charity. My hair will be donated to a cancer trust. During this pandemic, more people than ever have had to deal with mental health issues. Me included.

I have wanted to donate my hair for a while now, and if possible raise money and awareness while I do. I have struggled with mental health as long as I can remember, and only recently have I had the courage to speak up. Knowing how many people are struggling under the surface, how many people are afraid to ask for help and how many people are no longer with us because of that are just a couple of reasons why I chose this charity and why I will cut off my hair.

Hair grows back, all I have to do is wait. But waiting is not an option when it comes to your mental health. Yes, with this message I'm asking you to donate. But more importantly, I'm asking you to speak up about your mental health and check on your friends and family before it is too late. I care about you and they do too.

I care so much that I'm more than willing to "sacrifice" the thing that has gotten me the most compliments during my life, that is such a big part of my identity. I'm doing this so people that are struggling mentally have a better chance at happiness.

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€ 24 21-05-2021 | 20:50 Anna Baya is er altijd voor me geweest op de middelbare school toen ik niet lekker in m'n vel zat, maar ik besef dat niet iedereen zo'n fijn aanspreekpunt heeft, dus ik draag graag een steentje bij voor dit belangrijke onderwerp :)
€ 30 21-05-2021 | 17:44 Much love 3
€ 10 21-05-2021 | 17:42
€ 5 21-05-2021 | 10:27 Hey lieve Anna, super tof dat je dit doet! Ik ben benieuwd naar je kale koppie zometeen <3
€ 15 21-05-2021 | 09:13
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21-05-2021 | 18:10  I DID IT! WE DID IT I shaved my hair and together we raised over 575€ for MIND! Thank you to anyone who donated and anyone who shared my post. But more importantly, thank you to anyone who felt inspired to open up about their mental health. I hope that in the future, talking about (your) mental health will only get easier. Wishing you much love and happiness ❤❤❤
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