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Mental Health has never been more important than now due to the troubling times experienced by all during the past year. We know the importance of exercising for our physical health, but it plays an even more important factor to our mental health.

To support, The Jungle Body Amsterdam is hosting Move for Mental Health: KONGATHON on Wednesday 13th October to raise funds and awareness for MIND charity and give you the opportunity to release all those positive endorphins! All proceeds will be donated to MIND charity! If you wish to donate further please follow the instructions on this page. Every little helps and is very much appreciated! Donations open until 22/10/2021.

ABOUT THE EVENT:  Doors open: 18:30

Event starts at 18:45 - 21:00 

WHAT TO EXPECT: Expect to sweat to the hottest ADE inspired music with a high-energy, endorphin pumpin KONGA workout fusing Boxing, Cardio and Dance for all ages, men and women, hosted by The Jungle Body Amsterdam founder Justine Fry. After the workout you will have the chance to find your inner peace with some mindful movement.

IT'S FOR EVERYONE: Anyone & everyone can attend! No experience required. This is a family friendly event....and yes, you can still have two left feet & do this workout!

WHAT TO BRING:Your phone for selfies, some aqua to keep you hydrated, a yoga mat for some downward dogs, some friends & a kick-ass attitude to help raise awareness for Mental Health.

The lights are out and the music is pumping setting the scene for a party and encouraging you to lose yourself, flood the body with good vibes and endorphins! LET'S GO!!

Sweaty regards

Justine x

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